Debra Ball, Television Personality

A Few Reviews
"tv host, tv personality, female spokesperson Debra Ball""tv host, tv personality, female spokesperson Debra Ball"

"Everyone loves your performance in our commercial! We appreciate the professionalism and poise you brought to our advertising. We have just recently started running this version and are already receiving response! Thanks for all your hard work!" — K. Fleming, Capelouto

“Thank you so much for your wonderful work…it was an amazing experience and I hope that we can continue to work together in the very near future.” — J. Glasser, Glasser Consulting, Inc.

“Thanks again for such a wonderful job on the commercials. You exceeded my expectations, whichis rare. In addition, we felt you were very pleasant to work with. In the end I actually made the recommendation to invite you, and I based the decision on your demo reel which I felt provided overwhelming evidence of your on-camera presence as well as your ability to do convincing stand-ups, even when they involve long lines.” — D. Pennell, Pennell & Associates

“I can’t tell you how pleased and honored I am that you’re willing to join us on this venture.”– L. Hart, Lighthouse Media Productions

“Thanks for a job well done!” — G. Hackney, Spectrum Film Video Interactive

“Everyone was very happy with it. I could not have hoped for a better performance. Excellent job!!” — J. Vertino, Orlando Production Group

"…as far as we are concerned, you'll be a fixture in our videos if you stick around. You are very good. I just finished editing and I think you will be very happy with the results."– W. Colonna, ATSG

"We always refer you first for the professional jobs, as you are the best."– T. Tausch, Editech Corporation

"…It's worth seeing the picture simply for this performance, and for the all too brief appearance of Debra Ball, an actress whom the camera adores…."– The Florida Blue Sheet, Volume 11, No 10, Aug 10 – Aug 24, 2000.

“The Board loved it (and you!)” — D. Counts, WPBT

"It was a pleasure working with you, you looked amazing and your expertise shined through. I look forward to seeing you again." — R. Tadros, Robert Brandt Agency

"You are always so professional and I thank you for that….." — N. Reiser, Northbridge Productions

"Thanks again for making us look so good. Your professionalism is unsurpassed. You're great at adapting to all the many changes that occur in a production. I can always count on you, and on top of that, you are a joy to work with. Looking forward to the next shoot!"– S. Ducharme,

"Just a short note to personally thank you for doing such a great job…You were so great, we hardlygot any out-takes or bloopers for the archives! Thank you SO MUCH!!"– K. Simard, Nature's Earth Products, Inc.

"We were all very impressed with your audition. We felt your delivery and feeling you emit was appropriate for a health, lifestyle or consumer oriented show format. You have a very pleasing, comfortable tone. We definitely want to use you and feel like we have discovered a true talent in our local pool of actors." — S. Monahan, GSN Networks

"What a great pleasure it was to work and visit with you….Your sweet spirit brightened up our area and helped keep a smile on my face. I hope to see you again in Atlanta for our August show. Thank you for your part in making the Tampa 2003 Dealer Market a great success."– M. Orr, Orgill, Inc.

"…You always continue to make us proud that we represent someone like you!"– J. Glusman, Martin & Donald's Talent Agency

“You were really awesome. I hope we can do this again soon.“ — R. Groff, Groff Video

“Debra the spots came out great. We’ll keep you posted, your spots are always the best.”– J. Alvarez, MCE Automotive

“You look fabulous and did such an amazing job.” — K. Meister, On Board Media

"Thank you again for your wonderful work for our recent Sweet Success commercial. We are thrilled with the results…We wish you all the success in the future and hope to work with you again soon." — J. Bradley, Nutri System